It seems that the question everyone is asking these last few days is about favorite memories of 2011. I have a hard time coming up with an answer because I am generally too tired to think that hard! The first few months of the year were a blur of testing and evaluations and doctor's appointments. We had a respite from all that in the summer and a fun vacation but summer also comes with stress due to a lack of routine/structure. We certainly had plenty of wonderful moments and days but what I define as a great moment does not mean all that much to others.
One great development was the start of school going so well for both kids. I love that they love school, that they love their teachers. So much in fact, that Herbie wanted to make Christmas cards for all 17 of his. (Classroom teacher, paras, specialists, therapists, bus driver, etc.) This means a lot to me because I never really had teachers that cared so much. Herbie's teachers go the extra mile to help him be successful and he loves them. I see so much of myself in my kids and remember how painful the early years of school were for me, and it is wonderful to see that my kids are getting a better start.
I also love that my kids are so comfortable at church. If there is anywhere that their outbursts and strange behaviors should be accepted, it should be (and is) at church. That makes me very happy. I am glad that Christmas was a lot of fun for us and I am getting better at managing my expectations. We didn't need to have a big celebration, just some quiet time together without a schedule to be a family and play with the new Christmas toys.
Anyway, I guess I have been thinking more about what my hopes are for 2012. I hope that the Wise Old Owl finally gets a diagnosis that can guide his therapists into treatments to move him off of the plateau he seems to be stuck on. I hope that I can be at peace with whatever diagnosis he is or isn't given. I hope that Herbie stops wetting the bed. (And I hope that my washing machine doesn't break from over use.) I hope that school continues to go well. I hope that my kids can make some good friends. I hope that our family can yell less and laugh more.

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