One of Herbie's favorite conversation topics is Heaven. 
What will it be like? When can we go there? How soft are the beds? Will there be infinite levels in Angry Birds? And will I get three stars on my first try every time?

My mom is currently in town visiting, and he is finally connecting that she is my mom. He wanted to know where her parents were, and she answered that they were in Heaven. Without missing a beat, he asked if she would introduce them to him when he got there. It was so sweet.

He also likes to talk about how our bodies and minds will be made perfect. He is looking forward to never getting into trouble! He is excited that his brother will speak clearly and run fast. He is fascinated that nothing will get dirty and happily told me I would not have to vacuum anymore. He also likes to list the various foods his brother will be able to eat. It's not in a mean sort of way, like he's pointing out the restrictions he lives with now, but he is truly excited to see his brother take his first bite of goldfish crackers or hummus with tahini or store-bought Oreo cookies.

I think about his child-like faith. That it is a sure thing that we will all be in Heaven and that there will be an amazing feast. And truly, it is a sure thing. He often brings me back to reality. The reality that Heaven is real and our hope is not in vain. That our Heavenly Father is excited to see the Wise Old Owl eat all of those foods, too. And to give me rest from vacuuming!

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Hebrews 6:19

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