We had a lovely day on Sunday with the exception of some rain that sort of ruined the outdoor portion of our Father's Day plans. Although, playing at home when I am not solely in charge of the kids is just fine with me.

It started out a little hectic, as it always seems to be so hard to get out the door at a specific time for anything, including church. And when we slipped in the back, our usual row was taken. Fortunately Herbie was in a good mood and fine with being in the very last row. That turned out to be a good thing, because the next thing you know, he asked for a snack and as I tried to open a little package of animal crackers, it absolutely exploded everywhere. I guess it was just comic relief for the folks in front of us.

Once we were actually settled down, he did great. He even went up front for the children's message and sat in one place and didn't roll around or start any antics requiring me to go sit with him. I was so proud and gave him a huge hug as he sat down. During the fellowship hour, an older gentleman came up to me and said how he enjoyed seeing Herbie growing up, that he was so impressed how well he paid attention during the children's message. It blessed my heart to know another person was proud of that accomplishment, too, and sought me out to tell me. And so I am praying that I, too, will notice things about other people and tell them something that can encourage them. We all need to hear that sort of thing!


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