The other day, I was in serious need of a break. Since it was a blustery day outside, I decided not to feel bad about keeping the kids inside. I handed them the iPad and rather than accomplish some work, as is my usual routine when they get the iPad, I sat down with a book I had just gotten, called Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid. The title makes it sound a little negative, but it is actually a really funny book. I kept laughing every few minutes at something I read. Herbie, being a lover of comedy, came over from playing the iPad and demanded that I tell him what was so funny. I read what I had just laughed at, and he gave me a quizzical look since of course it meant nothing to him. This happened a few times and then he gave up. But each time I laughed (believe me, it is a funny book), he would pop his head up to look at me and grin.

At bedtime, when we were praying and saying what we were thankful for, he piped up and said, "thanks for mama laughing at the book today!" He was so happy that I was laughing, bless his little heart. I need to go finish that book. More importantly, I want to remember the smile on his face when he saw me laughing, and reproduce that as often as I can.

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