While my kids didn't quite understand what the Olympics were really about, we did have fun watching some of the events with them. Since most of it was on after they were in bed, we just recorded some events and watched bits of it here and there. That worked out fine since they would have never sat through all the stories and commentaries that proceed every big event. Herbie, in particular, was quite impressed with the trampoline event. If he were ever to be in the Olympics, that would definitely be his event! Highlights of swimming, diving, track & field events, and gymnastics were all hits. After it was over, Herbie said he wished that there was an event where people built domino courses and whoever had the one that took the longest to run would win. I thought that was an excellent idea! I've always loved watching dominoes fall, although I've never been good at setting them up. (Perhaps due to the fact that I drink too much coffee.) As Herbie was setting up his dominoes across the entire length of the kitchen, I reflected on the fact that just 6 months ago, when he started to be really interested in them, he couldn't set up more than a dozen without knocking them over. And due to my coffee addiction, I couldn't either... With some perseverance and a little time, he's a master of building domino courses. Hooray for his fine motor skills! And maybe someday we'll see him in the Olympics.

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